Lola d Menageries

I asked Jami of Lola D Menageries to answer a few questions about her work.   She's a smart, funny, outgoing lady who brings a fresh new perspective to jewelry design.

 Q:   How do you come up with your design ideas?

A:  I usually sit and play with wire.  I am not a sit-down- and-draw everything out type of person.  Instead I typically sit at my junky, messy craft table and start pulling bits together.  I may have a color in mind, but a particular design just pops out from what I see in the raucous on my table.  I usually can't make the same thing twice.  A piece usually takes anywhere from 2-12 hours.  On occasion more!

Q:  You are an artist in many different genres.  What is your favorite medium or your current obsession artistically?

A: I have three main artistic/creative obsessions- making jewelry, photography, and writing (the order rotates depending on the month).  I like most when I can combine them all.  I always take the photos of my own jewelry.  Sometimes I will write a poem to go with the piece as well.  Combo art :)

Q:  What was the very first thing you ever remember making by hand?

AJewelry wise it was a simple daisy chain necklace--the first piece of jewelry I ever learned to make.  I've been hooked ever since.  The first wire piece I ever made was a bangle with large-holed glass beads and 16 gauge copper wire.

Q:  Of all the things you've made so far, is there one piece that you consider to be your "masterpiece?"  If so, describe it for us.

A: A masterpiece--the first poly clay face and wire bracelet/cuff I made.  I tried it for a competition over in Jewelrygeeks (Metalchasers at the time).  Here's a pic :)

Q:  If someone wanted to learn to work in wire, how would you advise them to go about it?
A:  Immediately go searching on the internet for basic information.  After that, I suggest just grabbing craft wire and playing with it.  I don't like starting with the "basic projects" so to speak.  I rather find something I like and then try to make it.  That way I will be inspired to figure it out rather than making something I know I'd never really wear.  Maybe I am a glutton for punishment, LOL :)  But seriously, playing with wire and getting the feel for it first was easiest for me.

Q:  Other than wire work, what are some of your other hobbies or favorite activities?

A:  I like to read and write.  I write everything from essays to poetry and sketches.  I adore sci-fi movies and shows.  I like to paint and do pastels (although they are NOT my artistic strong points :) ).  I also enjoy salsa dancing!
Q:  Tell us a little about yourself...your family, children, pets, interesting facts, etc.

A:  Umm, interesting facts? I am involved in a relationship. He is absolutely sweet and adorable- my balance and sweetheart!   I have a cat, she's hilarious!
I am from Ohio where I teach as well as sell my jewelry. 
I suppose an interesting bit would be that I HATE doing dishes!  I'd rather clean a bathroom!  EEEWWW :)

Q:  If someone wants to contact you about commissioning a piece or placing an order, how do they go about getting in touch with you?
A:  Feel free to email me at lola_d_menageries@yahoo.com.  You can see my work on my blog jamilola.blogspot.com.  You can order pieces at my store jamilola.etsy.com.

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  1. Thank you! I am honored that you decided to feature my work :)

  2. Hey Gini!
    Great interview with the wonderfully sweet Lola!
    Thanks for sharing! Hugs to both of you:)

  3. Great interview, so happy you chose Lola, her work deserves recognition.

  4. Thank you ladies! I appreciate all the encouragement! It helps keep me going!

  5. Interesting interview Lola, your work is awesome!!

  6. Congratulations Lola - you make us all proud!

  7. Woot! Great interview with an AWESOME, multi talented artist!


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