It's so nice to be honored and recognized by fellow artists. I've recently been honored by fellow artisans on Etsy:


Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Please check it out.


Chain on a Plane

If I have a flight of over about 2 1/2 hours, I love to carry chainmaille making supplies with me and work on making chains.

I've given away more business cards in airports and on airplanes than almost anywhere else.

Everyone wants to know what you're making...I keep a little bag of chain weave "starters" with me to show them the types of things I make.

I've had flight attendants later become customers.

Plus it helps pass otherwise useless nonproductive time.

TSA rules state that your pliers can't exceed 7" in overall length, so keep that in mind. I also carry a small velour pad to use as a working surface so my rings don't slide all over in turbulence. You'd be surprised how good the overhead reading light is too!

So next time you're stuck on an airplane, make yourself useful and you might just expand your customer base at the same time!