I'd like to meet the person who.....

thought it was a good idea to show "Marley and Me" on an airplane.


I made it through about half of it before I started to tear up.

Then by about 3/4 of the way through, I was weeping and bawling so loudly I embarrassed not only myself, but the poor woman next to me.  Until I explained why I was crying.  Then she started crying too.

I finally yanked my headset jack out of the socket 'cause I was crying louder than the jet engines and the screaming kid behind me...in fact he may have been screaming because I scared him.

C'mon, really...why wouldn't you just show happy cheerful movies on airplanes?


Random Ramblings...

I'm gonna catch up a bit.  No major drama going on (for once).  

I spent the week before last in Minneapolis.  Home of Mall of America.  At one time it was the largest mall in the United States...now it isn't, but it's the biggest one I've ever been to.  I have no desire to see one bigger.

It's got a full-sized amusement park in the middle of it, complete with a ferris wheel and a couple of roller coasters.  Plus it's got every single store you've ever seen in a mall anywhere in it...sometimes they duplicate (I saw at least 3 Victoria's Secrets, for example).  I used my pedometer to track my steps and walked the first, second and third floors one time around.  Grand total: over 14,000 steps (about 6 1/2 miles).

I just don't like shopping that much, but whatever floats your boat.

I spent last week in Tulsa, OK.  Took Jeff along with me, hoping he could play some golf.  He only got to play one day 'cause of the weather.  It's a pretty nice city, from what I saw of it.  We went to a casino one evening.  I was surprised that it was at least as big as some of the casinos in Vegas.  It was sort of like Vegas with ugly cocktail waitresses.  That was mean, I know, but true!

I work the mid tonight and leave in the morning for Las Vegas.  Just a few days there...all business, of course...and then I'm home for the rest of the week.

Wish Rosie and Ruby could travel with me...they would be so entertaining on an airplane!  Plus they'd probably be better seatmates than some of the people I end up sitting next to.

Hope everyone has a great week.