Does anyone know any home remedies for leg cramps?

Two weeks ago I was walking across the street in Kansas City and my left calf muscle cramped up. I don't mean a little cramp, one of those you dance around and work out. I mean a knot the size of a baseball that made it impossible to walk without a limp for about an hour. Then the muscle was sore for another week like I had been doing calf lifts for hours at a time.

Okay, so that was a bit annoying.

Today while walking through Denver airport...walking. slowly. leisurely...my calf (same one) cramped up so hard that I crumpled to the floor in tears. It cramped so hard I actually heard it pop! I laid on the floor in a ball in excruciating pain for about 5 minutes (during which time NOT ONE person stopped to ask if I was dying...but I digress).

I then limped, in horrific pain, got my bag, went to the hotel, dropped off my crap and took a cab to the nearest Doc in a Box. The doctor I saw was very concerned that I may have had a deep vein thrombosis...a potentially deadly blood clot...so he sent me to the hospital for a sonogram.

Luckily, the sonogram was clear. So his tentative diagnosis was that I had a Baker's cyst rupture. That's a cyst usually associated with knee issues that, when it bursts, can inject liquid into the muscle and cause severe pain. But it's usually associated with knee issues (of which I have none) so I have to have an MRI of the area once I get home to know for sure. I don't know if that's what it is, and it really doesn't matter because there's apparently nothing they can do for it.

So why am I posting this? I'm hoping that I can gather some home remedies for muscle cramps to possibly prevent this from happening again. You might be wondering why I'm making such a big deal about a leg cramp. But here's the thing...saying this was just a leg cramp is like saying a Lamborghini is just a car, like a pair of Manolo Blahnik's is just a pair of shoes, like a Stradivarius is just a fiddle....get the picture?

I've heard that kidney stones are worse than giving birth. I've never given birth, but I've had kidney stones (and I believe if childbirth was that painful the human species would have died out, but I digress) Up until today, that was the worst pain I've ever felt. I'd put my little old "leg cramp" up against kidney stones any day on the pain meter. It was that bad.

I'll drink tons of fluids and electrolytes. I'll eat bananas every day. I'll take an aspirin every day. I'll take magnesium supplements. I'll eat tofu. I'll learn to speak Romanian. I'll do almost anything to never have to go through that pain again.

This is where you come in...leave me comments with your home remedy. If it's legal and not disgusting (i.e., I won't eat bugs), I'll try it. And if anything works really well, I'll post an entry about it, singing your praises to the skies.

For the record, I am sitting in the hotel with my leg on an ice bag. The doc subscribed an NSID for inflammation and pain pills for pain. I still can't walk without a seriously fake-looking limp.


Boston Bound

I'm headed to Boston tomorrow for an international conference on fatigue in aviation.


Seriously.  I'm a little excited.  I haven't been to the Boston area since I was about 15 or 16.  My first "real" boyfriend, Neal Normandin, was from Framingham and we went out to visit his family.  It happened to be the year they had a HUGE snowstorm...like 5 feet overnight or some crap, and we got snowed in.  It was fun though, he had a huge loud family and we had a good time.

I won't really get to do much other than the conference, but I'm still looking forward to it.


On the road again

I wish I had something interesting to talk about, but I'm too exhausted.  Here was where I was during the last week:

Sunday: Tried to leave Las Vegas, got on the plane, but the plane broke down.
Monday: Finally got out of Las Vegas, through Dallas to Springfield, MO.
Tuesday: Left for Los Angeles (via SGF to Dallas) at oh-dark-thirty
Wednesday: Did a briefing in LA and then flew to San Francisco, where I got on a train to Oakland.
Thursday:  Did the Oakland briefings.  Very contentious, as the management there apparently cares much more about their little power trips than they do safety.
Friday: Flew back to Springfield via Oakland to Seattle to Saint Louis to SGF (about a 17 hour day altogether)
Saturday: slept all day.

The recap:

Las Vegas, Dallas, Springfield, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Saint Louis, Springfield.

I warned you that I didn't have anything interesting to say.  If you want interesting, go to my niece's blog, "Lost With Lamb."  (link to the left)...In fact, I suggest you subscribe to it.  She is spending a year in Norway and has a very refreshing and fun view of life!