Look! Up in the Sky!

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

Nope, it's Super Duane!

Meet Duane Sherman.  He owns a company in Willard, MO called Sundance Cabinets.  ServPro hired him for us, and I don't know if they have a clue how valuable this guy is to their business, but he absolutely ROCKS as far as the Briggs family is concerned.

You'd think he'd just do cabinets, but noooooo...he does cabinets, he does painting (via Dennis, the wonder-painter), he does the most amazing moulding work, he hangs doors, he lays tile, he comes up with some of the coolest ways to personalize your home, oh shoot, I could go on for days.

AND...if that wasn't enough, he does all this with a big old smile plastered across his face.  He's about the cheeriest person I've ever met.  And all of you who know me know that if you can stay cheerful around me, you're either a saint or you've got some pretty darned good pharmaceuticals on board!!!

My house is looking finer than frog hair, and I have to give credit for about 90% of that to Duane and his crew.  Thanks have to go to Dennis, Rick and Chad too...they're all Duane's peeps and they've been just too cool for the pool!  And crew supervisor Snoopy is there to keep everyone in line.

By the way, Duane also serves as a lieutenant in the Ebenezer volunteer fire department and he and his wife breed dogs, donkeys and rabbits.


I'm Only One Season Away From Staying at the Four Seasons!

I usually don't "do" resolutions.  My willpower isn't strong enough.  I never quite fulfill them and then I get disappointed and depressed and that defeats the purpose of making them in the first place.

Today marks the beginning of our 5th month in Hell.  And January 18th marks the beginning of our 6th month away from home.  2009 started on an ominous note:  a 3:30 a.m. visit to the emergency veterinary clinic with a sick puppy (no, not Jeff, I mean a sick canine puppy).  But I'm determined that 2009 will not defeat me.  I've made a few resolutions that should not be too hard to handle:

--2009 will be better than 2008.  
--We will get back into our home.
--We will get to have both dogs living with us at once.
--We will be healthy.
--Our dogs will be healthy.
--We will no longer eat 14 meals a week in a restaurant.
--We will no longer watch television 7 days a week.
--We will not only stop and smell the flowers, we will plant them, weed them, and enjoy seeing them in a vase on our table.
--We will park our cars in our own garage and not freeze and/or roast when getting into them.
--We will lose our Platinum member status at Marriott hotels. 
--We will make lots of jewelry.
--We will change our own sheets.
--We will not have clean sheets every day.
--We will scrub our own toilets and shower.
--We will not live in perpetual "Groundhog Day."
--We will not spend three of four seasons in a hotel room.
--We will cheerfully and gratefully make our homeowner's insurance payments.
--When we go on vacation we will shut off the water before leaving the house.
--And the gas.
--When we return from vacation, the only exciting water stories we'll tell for the rest of the year will be from DURING our vacation, not AFTER our vacation.
--We will continue to love and cherish our friends and family for their support throughout 2008 and hope for their happiness, friendship and health for 2009.

Happy New Year Everyone!